Mining Drill and Blast

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Our team is built around old school principals with a can-do attitude. Our alliance-based approach to building client relations is a proven recipe for significantly safer operations which translates into more productive operations. Your Success is our Success. Creating quality blast designs and them executing them correctly is the fundamentals of minimising dilution and maximising excavation productivities. Getting the right hole in the right place to the right depth with the right quantity of explosives every time.

Dynamic by Name – Dynamic by Nature

Why is this important?

Because every hole is an adventure and no two are ever the same, so it takes a team that are passionate about drill and blast to make every blast a success story.

Dynamic operates in mining operations of any scale providing the following services:

Blast hole Drilling – Top Hammer and Down Hole Hammer Probe hole drilling/geotechnical drilling In-pit depressurization holes Pre-split drilling Blast hole sampling Contour drilling Collar Pipe drilling and installation All Blasting Activities including specialist wall control blasting and civil works blasting. Non-Electric and Electronic Blasting Control Blasting near culturally sensitive areas or infrastructure. Explosive Supply & Transport Explosive Storage Explosive Licencing Services Blast Design Quarry Manager ticketed personnel Stringent Quality control processes.

We are also able to provide value add technologies, such as:

High-precision drilling guidance through the Epiroc Smart Rigs Hole Navigation System Technology reducing requirements for survey control on the ground.

Vibration Monitoring and air over pressure monitoring

Fragmentation analysis tools

Blast Design Software

Downloadable “Measure While Drilling” logs from the Epiroc drills and analyse the mechanical properties of the rock mass in Roc Manager.

High precision and high safety Remote Firing Devices

At Dynamic, our focus is to exceed expectations and ensure every Registered Manager gets a good night’s sleep.

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