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Our expertise lies in drilling and blasting. We provide quality services in the civil and mining industries from full production drilling to specialty blasting. Our range of services are all performed with minimal disturbances to the surrounding environment and construction areas.

At Dynamic Drill and Blast, we are committed to delivering exceptional services using proven blasting techniques and specialised machinery. Our team of highly experienced professionals have over 70 years of combined drilling and blasting experience.

We work hard to identify your needs and strive to meet the requirements of your project. Safety is an integral part of our business. And that responsibility can be seen in our work. Every job is handled to exact specifications with utmost efficiency for superior results that are simply unmatched.

Lack of experienced labour can cause delays in construction projects. And more delays often mean going over budget. Our services also include providing experienced personnel from our team to industries in need of contracted labour from site managers to drillers and admin staff.

For more details about how the services we offer or to schedule a consultation to discuss your project, feel free to contact one of our team members via phone or email directly.


All enquiries please contact:

Ph: 08 6404 2798

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Management Team

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Wangara, WA 6065[/vcj_icon_box]
[vcj_icon_box icon=”icon-phone” title=”Telephone” improved_responsiveness=”1″ style=”style2″ alignment=”left” color_title=”#ffffff” color_text=”#e1edef” color_icon=”#ffffff”]08 6404 2798[/vcj_icon_box]