Blast Hole Drilling

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Blast Hole Drilling ServicesRock blasting is not a simple process anybody can perform. If your idea of blasting is simply attaching explosives on a chunk of rock, you are mistaken. There are many things you have to consider when setting explosives. One important thing to look into is its effects on the surrounding area. Blast hole drilling allows you to create a space to put the explosives and ensure it goes off smoothly.

The impact of detonation should be efficient. This means the rock meant to be destroyed is finely shattered into pieces. It must also go off in a safe manner without dangerous projectiles that may hurt any living being in the surrounding area. While blasting may sound like a tedious process, preparing a blast hole is equally difficult.

You have to monitor the drill-rig operations and the changes in geology during the drill. Dynamic Drill and Blast provides you with a team of experts for the two processes. To ensure you get the best results, there should be a good line of communication between the two groups handling the operations. The drilling crew needs to update the blasting group on changes on the ground that may affect the impact of the rocks. This allows them to plan ahead and adjust the loading procedure of the explosives.

Dynamic Drill and Blast have the capability to drill hole diameters from 32mm to 203mm. We make sure you get the most efficient materials you need in accomplishing the task at hand. Along with our equipment, we provide experts on the processes to assure you of a safe and productive work on-site.

If you have any concerns about this process you can contact us and our representatives are ready to answer all your enquiries.

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